Friday, January 12, 2007

Sell Thyself

Its that time of the year again ...the placement season has begun. While a few B-schools are done with the rigmarole, the likes of us are still waiting with bated breaths for the drama to unfold.With the economy booming , the average starting salaries in most B-schools swelling like nobody's business, I can see the moolah pouring into us from all directions.The most abused phrases on campus are 'CTC','PPT','Day Zero','Day Negative', and of course the random discussions that can happen anywhere and anytime on campus, on any arbit topic pertaining to placements,from what is formal dressing and what is not , to comparisons with the CTC's offered at other B-schools.And everyone says that at the end of the day one should be able to sell oneself to the recruiter.At everything you do you have to sell yourself , be it the recruiter, the peer group or the faculty and any one you want to get things done from.There is a lot of excitement in the atmosphere undoubtedly,if you check this space a week from now , I'd hopefully be employed, till then I am waiting to be sold out...


At 9:40 pm , Blogger SANDEEP said...

well to sell thyself, one should have a deep knowledge abt the product(thts you), then u have to go for product differentiation(how u differ from others) why the company should go for you.. what are the future prospects. and many other things.
rather selling its better to go for marketing(broader term)so that your market value and brand equity go side by side..


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