Thursday, September 28, 2006

Diet Another Day

Being at home is synonymous to being pampered, it also means people showering their affection, inviting you over for lunch and dinner, and Mom making use of her culinery skills to the hilt.So when I finally wannna have 'simple-ghar-ka-khana' , I'd be tempted to eat all the delicacies of maaru cuisine(which incidently is not true to its name , if it is not dripping with ooddles of ghee). And not just that, theres more to it.
Its not as if hostel food sucks or something on the contrary, we at MICA are the most well fed among our brethren from other B-schools, Mayank is soo right when he says that MICA could adopt Somalia with one-fouth of its food consumption.But Mom's have their own ways to express love.And in my case aunts and significant others too:)

All this when,losing weight by honest admission has been a major pre-occupation for sometime now, home is where I think I can exercise some discretion upon what I am eating,

But aah all in vain...!

P.S.Also after a slew of posts in which I have cribbed my way to glory....I feel there's been some negativity in here .Sowwie for that.


At 4:00 pm , Blogger D said...

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At 1:47 am , Blogger Heidi said...

well sweety same story for me....but my case is mom wud be happy to starve me a lil..i jst can' jedi he's good.. had read his blog back in college

At 9:49 pm , Blogger Parul said...

man u talk about home-food and do a great job at making me jealous.


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