Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Last fortnight was made of stuff that dreams are made of.Two holidays back to back after getting the job that I so badly wanted, I mean what more could one ask for.This too fell into my scheme of things,Madura Garments was a last minute confirmation, by that time I had made up my mind to go to ICICI Prudential which was the other offer that I had.It was an easy choice, I'd rather live in Bangalore and work on brands like Allen Solly,Louis Phillipe,Van Heusen, Esprit and Marks and Spencer, than sell financial products. That day I was on a roll, I converted every interview I sat for, the stars were aligned in my favour.And suddenly I had too many choices.But the good part of the whole rigmarole was that I learnt a lot , and when I used to sit in that maddening inferno of aspirations, hopes, disappointment and jubilation it was an emotional overload.When I saw people who are otherwise okay acting out of downright, ruthless selfishness, and on the other end people showing resilience and going till the end with fighting spirit and never did they buckle up under pressure, and people questioning your choices in life, as in why would you pick a job which pays lesser over another better paying one, among other things, thankfully I did not pay much attention to such unsolicited advice.I did have bouts of anxiety,but was cool and composed for the most part.And then it ended , for the next two days all I did was sleep, in loud music, while people were eating , drinking and being merry,I slept like log.And then woke up , packed my bags and went to Diu.
We were eight random people who wanted to go out,and that was it.We took a train to Veraval,visited the Somnath Temple,an ancient(there is a mention abt it in the Rig-Veda) monument with a checkered history, of being plundered by invaders seven times. At the crack of the dawn,it looked surreal ,flanked by the Arabian Sea on three sides,there were morning chants interspersed with the sounds of sea waves.It was like true love.
Diu, has been a favourite getaway,we were there for two days, and didn't do much except for basking in the sun, and eat as if food was going to be out of fashion tomorrow.
After Diu , it was the long awaited Dasada trip. It was a batch trip, with the Director.Dasada is a place in the little Rann Of Kutch, about 90 kms from Ahmedabad.It was about parched land, oases,and spotting migratory birds. The Safari's in to the Rann were awesome fun.And so was the resort,the cottage that i lived in was pure indulgence,complete with with an open air bathroom and all.Pity I had to share it with Chulbul and Shagun :(...
I returned only the day before yesterday, and since then I am up to mundane and silly stuff, like cleaning my room, and doing the laundry. What a painful thing it is, when you laundry guy misplaces your favourite clothes, you don't have much of a choice,do you?


At 4:54 pm , Blogger SANDEEP said...

heyy meghna..hii..i read your blog oftenly..you write only abt your exp..
not exactly an advice but ya somewat request to write on issues related to youth as in such misguiding love factors, diff career options and may be something difff..as u write very good..
hope to see a blog on my request.

At 11:27 am , Blogger Heidi said...

"Pity i had to share it with..."..nahiii aap kaisa nahi keh sakti..
jokes apart..ur eye for detail ddescription of somnath is breathtaking..a creative leap madame

At 4:30 pm , Blogger meghna said...

Dear Heidi,
You get a D- for the Hindi used in the comment...and I guess it was as bad for both of us ..to share that honeymoon suite;)
i think Somnath was really picturesque..wasn't it?

At 7:33 pm , Anonymous Suchitra said...


At 5:11 am , Blogger aman said...

i enjoyed your blog yaar.why don't you update it?


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